What Is The 10 Minute Burn?

B3 Bands are a new way to exercise that dramatically reduces time and increases results. In only 10 minutes a day from anywhere, doing fun and easy exercise, you can get the results you are looking for!


What Are B3 Bands?

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B3 Bands are the product of 40+ years of research, ingenuity, experience and over 1,000,000 real life exercise sessions.

Based on a scientific discovery in exercise that uses BFR (Blood Flow Resistance). This process uses the body’s natural systems in combination with light exercise to produce results that will change the way you exercise forever.

Studies show BFR done correctly is as safe as normal exercise. Blood Flow Resistance has been used safely and effectively in Japan for over 40 years. In a few years here in the USA, over 40,000 people have already experienced the results.

Can I Really Get Results In Only 10 Minutes A Day?

Yes you can.  Our Coaches will be here to help! Simply follow our videos. If you love your current exercise or training, simply add or switch to B3 Bands, but in only 10 minutes. We will show you how.

Don't like to lift weights or go to the gym? We have fun and easy exercises to follow from home, work or travel.

Are you a serious gym person or weight lifter?
We have advanced workouts in the Bands to take your results to a new level. In up to 20 minutes, you can see results you never imagined were possible

Are you an athlete?
Add B3 Bands to your current training program for 10 minutes and you may soon have an unfair advantage over the competition.

Is a Recreational Sport your thing?
We have custom 10 minute workouts for golf, pickleball, biking, running, swimming and as well as any other sport you enjoy.

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How Long Is My Burn Challenge?


Your Burn Challenge is 90 days.

Day 1 – Check-in when you receive the Bands

Check-in with your sponsor and/or the B3 Facebook Group and make your commitment or goal.

Day 30 – Results Check-in

We gaurantee you will love your first 30 day results.

Day 60 – Check-in

After 60 days you are going to look, feel and/or perform differently!

Day 90 – Celebrate!

You made it  . . . time to celebrate with everyone at B3

How Do I Get Started With The Burn Challenge?

Step 1: Purchase your B3 Burn Bundle

All-inclusive for only $524.99. Even better, bring a family member or friend and save $200

Step 2: Coaching Starts The Day After Your Order

B3 will send you an email with easy to follow instructions on how to use your B3 Bands and products

You will be invited to join Dr. Mike on a live call to help you get started. Tuesdays at 3 PM ET, and Wednesdays at 9 PM ET

Dr Mike will explain how the B3 Bands work and answer all your questions.

Step 3: Day 1 Check-in: Make a Commitment

Set your goal and commit to your Sponsor and on our B3 Facebook Group


Is There a Risk Free Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you are not happy with your B3 Bands and/or product at your 30-day check-in, simply contact us at [email protected] for a full refund (minus shipping).