Bands Professional Coaches Program

B3 Blood Flow Restriction bands being used by physical therapists to treat patients

Sciences Professional Coaches Program

 Sciences offers access to the  Bands to Professionals in the Medical Field, Health & Fitness Fields, and Athletic Performance Fields, though our Professional Coaches Program

See Our List of Professionals, Teams and Athletes using Bands

Professional Coaches include:

- Doctors, Physicians, and Health Clinics
- Physical Therapists and Nurses
- Physical Therapy and Rehab Centers
- Coaches and Trainers for Private, High School, Collegiate and Professional Sports Teams
- Gyms and Training Centers
- Sports Performance Training Programs

Program Benefits Include:

- Professional Customer Pricing
- Consultations for Customized Training Programs tailored to your specific needs
- Consultations with the  Science Advisory Board Doctors
- Access to current and ongoing BFR research, studies and results

Optional Commissions Program

- Professionals who access this program can also refer other Professionals and earn Commissions and Bonuses

Guarantee, Warranty and Insurance:

- Your first order comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied
- The Bands and Pump come with a 12-month warranty. Any defects and we will replace the item
- carries a 2 mil/ 4 mil liability policy that protects Independent Coaches from any liability resulting from use of Bands

If you have interest in the Professional Coaches Program and would like more information, please contact our Support Team.

Phone/Text: 972.214.5844
email: [email protected]