Bands BFR Training for Golf Performance

B3 BFR Training for Golf Performance

(6 Days a Week, 1 Day Rest)

Day 1 – Swing Workout
Day 2 – Aerobic Conditioning
Day 3 -  Swing Workout
Day 4 - Upper Body Strength Training
Day 5 – Swing Workout
Day 6 - Lower Body Strength Training
Day 7 - Rest or Aerobic Conditioning

BGolf Protocol:

Dr. Mike recommends a 3-part program for Golf that includes Aerobic Conditioning, Strength Training, and Golf Specific Exercises. This will produce impressive results in your Golf Game!

Swing Workout (2x a week)
- Here is the Golf Swing Workout
- Get ready for more exit velocity, longer and straighter shots!
- 2 Days per week
- Put all 4 Bands on your arms and legs

Aerobic Conditioning (1-2x a week)
- Do an aerobic activity wearing the leg bands. (After 2 weeks you can add the Arm Bands also)
- You choose the activity. Walk the first 3 holes on the golf course, Bike, Elliptical Machine, stairs at your house.
- The goal is to hit at least 5 minutes of feeling a light to moderate burn in your leg muscles
- Here is our Walking protocol, you can even do this on the course during, before or after you play for 10 minutes: Walking 

Strength Training (2x a week)
- Do (1) Upper Body and (1) Lower Body strength training each week
- You can do this at the gym, at home, even at the course or range
- Here is the Upper Body Workout - Upper Body Basic
- Here is the (4 Minute) Lower Body Workout - 4 Minute Legs
- End each strength training session with this plank workout for your core – Core/Back Workout

'Once you Go Bands’, you will never go back to the old way of practicing your golf swing!