Making the Paradigm Shift


If you are like most people, you were taught to believe:

‘No Pain No Gain’
‘Train longer and harder if you want more results’
‘The heavier the weight, the bigger the results’
‘If you are not sore, you did not work hard enough’

These old beliefs no longer apply when you use Bands

People who use Bands think differently:

‘No pain is a good thing’
‘Train fast, with less weight, and get more results’
‘The greater the burn with Bands, the bigger the results’
‘Why would I want to be sore the next day’

Exercise in ½ the Time, with ½ the Work and get Better Results!

Why it Makes Sense

1st Set with Bands

With the Bands in place, we are limiting the ability of the muscle to recover from otherwise easy exercise by restricting or impeding its blood flow.  During light exercise we only use a fraction of the fibers in the muscle to perform the movement.  However, the first fibers that are recruited are heavily dependent on blood flow to operate.  Because they don’t get their normal blood flow during the 1st set, they begin to fatigue.  You feel a light burn.

Then during the 30 second “rest” period when muscle is supposed to recover, normal blood flow is not moving. Therefore, rather than recovering, the muscle stays in metabolic crisis.


2nd Set with Bands

When you start the 2nd set you are starting on fibers that have not recovered. This results in those fibers failing to generate necessary force.  Additional fibers (not normally recruited for easy exercise) then have to take over.  These fibers are usually less trained and achieve a state of stress even faster, resulting in even more metabolic trouble.

Now during the 2nd rest phase, most, if not all fibers in a muscle are now in “metabolic trouble” and aren’t recovering.


3rd Set with Bands

The 3rd set finishes the whole muscle off and makes virtually all fiber populations contract.  For the duration of your workout you have been limiting recovery of the initial fibers recruited and ended up recruiting all fibers.  The metabolic waste of all these fibers triggers a systemic hormone response.

In total, the “failure” or “fatigue” generated from 3 sets with light weights creates the specific signal that stimulates hormone release that triggers increases in strength and function in muscle.


Or you can lift longer and harder with heavy weights or do maximal training intervals such as super intense running, biking or swimming!

Walking, Running, Biking, Swimming, and Exercise Classes

Regardless of how and what kind of exercise you do, when you start using the Bands you are going to notice you get a failure response with less time and less work.

  • Less wear and tear, which means less injury and quicker recovery
  • Increased Growth Hormone release and more positive adaptation
  • Improved Performance


Alternate Upper and Lower Body

Wear the leg Bands for 5-10 minutes or until failure. Then switch and wear the arm Bands for 5-10 minutes or until failure.


Do Intervals

Do Intervals to get more results: use the Bands on the legs for 3-5 minutes during your favorite exercise. Then, rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 2-3 minutes. Rest once more for 30 seconds and do 1 more session to failure for 1-2 minutes.


Wear all 4 Bands

After getting accustomed to having the Bands on your arms and legs separately for a few sessions (5 or more), try wearing all 4 bands. If you are doing exercises that work the entire body, you are going to get an incredible workout like nothing you have ever experienced before!

Exercise the Old Way . . . Really?

People always ask us, why would I exercise the old way?

We have no good answer as to why you would want to work out harder and longer without the Bands. Our only thought on this is that maybe you enjoy longer and harder exercise that puts more stress on your body and does more damage.

Or maybe you just really like being sore the next day!