What is BFR?

What is BFR

The Bands use Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR. When you wear the Bands and do light exercise, you create a natural and safe manipulation of the body’s circulatory system.

While doing light exercise with the Bands on your arms or legs, the blood exiting out of your venous system is slowed down. This reduction in blood flow out of the muscle while doing exercises causes the muscle to fatigue quicker and with a lot less work.

When a muscle fatigues, it creates signals to your brain that results in a surging hormone release. These hormones then
trigger any muscles worked to adapt.

This hormone release has many other anti-aging and rejuvenation effects on your Body!


BFR vs Normal Exercise

Training with Bands provides a quicker and stronger fatigue in the muscles which results in a more robust hormone release in the body. Training with B 3 Bands is done in a shorter period, and in a safer manner than normal resistance training. Gains in fitness and strength are realized quicker with Bands than with normal resistance training.

Exercise in ½ the Time, with ½ the Work and get Twice the Results!

Bands slow down Blood Flow out of the Muscle

The Bands work by slowing down or impeding the flow of blood exiting the limbs through the veins.  As your muscles work, they use up available oxygen and other nutrients. Without the Bands normal circulation brings more oxygen and removes metabolic waste products, that allows the muscle to recover quickly.  Because the circulation has been impeded, there is not enough re-supply of oxygen to the muscle, nor enough clearing of metabolic waste products.

Muscles Fail Quicker with Less Work

In this de-oxygenated state or metabolic waste environment, with continued exercise the muscle fiber deteriorates to the point where muscle contraction cannot continue, and other muscle fibers must take over to perform the exercise.  Soon all fibers in the muscle go into a state of “failure” and one cannot continue.  You recognize this state as muscle burn followed by not being able to do anymore repetitions or what we call failure.

A Signal is sent to your Brain

Your brain senses the distress and responds, as it normally does, by initiating autonomic and hormonal responses in an attempt to remedy the conditions in the muscle and to adapt to the demands of the exercises.  This process is the normal process of adaptation to severe exercise, but usually to get to this state, one must perform severe exercise like maximal weight lifting or high intensity exercise like running and sprinting.

A Surge in Growth Hormone

As a result of the distress in the muscle, growth hormone and other anabolic hormones are released into your blood stream.  This hormonal cascade goes throughout the body and facilitates the repair and building of all tissues that have been working or were injured.

Recover Faster

Studies have shown that BFR training creates greater fatigue immediately after the exercise bout, but with dramatically less muscle damage! Thus, recovery demands are going to be much less with Band training.

Growth Hormone stimulates Positive Adaptation in Muscle

This hormonal cascade signals the muscles to quickly adapt to the stress of failure you created with the Bands.

  • Muscles become Stronger
  • Muscles become more dense (Harder)
  • Muscle cross sectional area increased (Bigger)
  • Muscles becomes more explosive (Speed and Power)
  • Muscles are ready to perform longer (Endurance)

You don’t have tear down Muscle

Micro tears or muscle fiber damage is not necessary to stimulate fatigue and metabolic crisis in the muscle, which results in a subsequent Growth Hormone release. You can create a disturbance of homeostasis in the muscle while doing lighter exercises with B 3 Bands, that will stimulate secretion of Growth Hormone. Generally, light weights and concentric exercises do not damage muscle fibers, while heavy weights and eccentric exercise can and does damage muscle. The more damage done to a muscle, the longer it takes to repair that damage before moving on to build bigger and stronger muscles.

Get the Results YOU Want!

It really is not complicated, you already know how to exercise.

“Don’t Change your Exercise . . . Just add the Bands” . . . (Dr. Mike)

You choose the exercises you like to target the results you want:

You can exercise with the Bands to be leaner and more toned!
You can exercise with the Bands to build muscle!
You can exercise with the Bands to be stronger!
You can exercise with the Bands to get back in shape!
You can exercise with the Bands to lose weight!
You can exercise with the Bands to strengthen your Cardiovascular  system!
You can exercise with the Bands to perform better!
You can exercise with the Bands to be healthier!
You can exercise with the Bands to be rehab from surgery or injury!

What does Exercise look like with Bands?

You used to lift heavy weights for 1 hour > Now 20 minutes using light weights with Bands

You used to walk 2 miles > Now 1 mile with Bands

You used to do 45 minutes of cardio on a treadmill > Now 20 minutes with Bands

You used to do an hour aerobics and/or yoga class > Now a 20 minute session with Bands

You used to run or bike outdoors for 1 Hour > Now 30 minute with Bands

Your Run or Bike outdoors for 1 Hour > Now 30 minute with Bands

You used to swim in the Pool for 20 laps > Now 10 laps with Bands

You used to do elite athletic training for 45 minutes > Now 20 minutes with Bands

You used to do injury rehab for 1 hour every day > Now 30 minute with Bands

What happens in my Body when I use Bands

  • Light exercise with Bands produces a quick and easy muscle fatigue.
  • A fatigued muscle sends a signal to the brain that a metabolic change has occurred. You feel the muscle burn;
    your brain takes action.
  • The Pituitary Gland releases a rush of Growth Hormone (GH). GH is the most powerful hormone in the body.
  • The body responds to this GH release by secreting other hormones that create positive changes in muscle after exercise.
  • This GH hormone surge also creates a whole host of other health benefits in your body. (Anti-aging, cardiovascular, bone, and many other benefits)
  • Because you have used light weights or have done light exercise, the recovery time will be reduced.

Can you really see yourself Exercising the same way again?

Shorter Exercise Period!

Greater surge in Growth Hormone!

Portable and Easy to use anywhere!

Lighter weights!

Better Results!

Safe for the entire Family!

Lighter Work Load!

Quicker Recovery Time!

Is this backed by Science?

The Science Advisory Board’s review of over 310 Studies on BFR has shown:

“There is a robust increase in circulating growth hormone levels (GH) 30 minutes after a BFR session. The same exercise without BFR produces no increase in GH Levels. Positive effects are not just seen on muscles, but blood vessels, tendons and bone, as well”.

“BFR Training performed with light weights is as effective as heavy weight training, when it comes to improving strength. To the contrary. Using the same light weights without BFR does not demonstrate improved strength”

“Many USA Olympic, Collegiate, and Professional Athletes are now training with BFR and are performing better and putting less stress on their bodies”

“BFR exercise is a safe and effective exercise program for people of all ages including 8-80”

“Rehabilitation from injury can be done quicker and safer with BFR”

“BFR is being used for cardiac rehab for seniors to improve recovery and strengthening of the cardiovascular system”

“Endurance athletes, and people who like to do hard running or biking sessions, will benefit greatly from BFR. BFR reduces duration, lessens impact on the body, and shortens recovery time”

“Together we have over 70 years in the health, fitness and training industry. We have never seen anything like this!”

Dr. Jim Stray Gundersen
Dr. Mike DeBord

Is BFR Exercise Safe?

As long as the simple and obvious safety pre-cautions are followed, there are no risks associated with BFR Training with Bands.

Anyone from 9-90 can safely use Bands.

Simple Precautions:

  • Put the Bands in the right place
  • Follow recommended pressure settings
  • Limit Bands Inflated on Arms or Legs to 20 minutes
  • Don’t lift heavy weights
  • Hydrate properly before, during and after

As with all exercise programs, you are encouraged to consult your physician if you have any health conditions or concerns about beginning an exercise program.

Dr. Jim Stray Gundersen

Are Bands for me?

If you never want to lift a heavy dumbbell again in your life . . . Bands is for you!

If you hate long exercise classes . . . Bands is for you!

If you want to look great a bikini or swimsuit . . . Bands is for you!

If you want big Guns . . . Bands is for you!

If you don’t want sore joints after your exercise . . . Bands is for you!

If you hate driving back and forth to the gym . . . Bands is for you!

If you want to work out in the comfort of your home . . . Bands is for you!

If you travel and want to stay with your exercise program . . . Bands is for you!

If you want the revolutionary way to get results in the shortest time . . . Bands is for you!


If you want to exercise in ½ the time with ½ the work and get better results . . . is for you!

Shorter Exercise Period!

Greater surge in Growth Hormone!

Portable and Easy to use anywhere!

Lighter weights!

Better Results!

Safe for the entire Family!

Lighter Work Load!

Quicker Recovery Time!

It really is Easy to use Bands . . . Try a Demo Today!

Just put the Bands on your legs or arms and:

  • Go for a walk, run or bike
  • Do your favorite cardio exercise or class
  • Do a light weight lifting session on your upper or lower body
  • Walk up and down the stairs in your house for 10 minutes
  • Do a light swim in your pool (YES they are waterproof)

Taking a Demo is easy and fun!

Just ask the person who shared this information with you.

It will only take 5 minutes.

But remember this, once you try Bands, you will never want to exercise the old way again!